Overwatch is an airsoft team which focuses on military simulation. We have branches in Florida (Treasure Coast / Palm Beach county area) and South East Georgia.

Recent Events

Operation: Red Valley
A 24 hour OP that had some fun props (especially the referbed British Daimler Ferret Mk.2). We pulled security most of the morning for H7 on a 4 hour LRP. Most of this video is from the OPFOR side, but there are some stills of Overwatch highlighting our best side...
TacOps 1&2
An on going event by MGP, TacOps take place in a very intense "super CQB" office environment. One of the two weapon cams used in this were Overwatch.

Operation: Crystal Razor
A fairly well run OP that had a lot of objective oriented action. The worst part of this event was the oppressive heat. Minutes 5:20 to 7:40 of this video are primarily Overwatch.